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Drake Star Detectives-Baltimore

Surveillance Services

This service is more than just following someone, but we also document with timestamps, text updates, and video is also available. 

Security Consulting

We will test your security system or team against hacking, threat, and reliability. We prefer surprise inspections at your home or place of business. If we cannot intrude or breach, you are doing it right, but we almost always breach. 

Guard Services

There are 3 types of guard services. There is access, patrol, and personal bodyguard. In short, to guard unwanted persons from entering a business or residence would be Access Security. To Patrol the exterior on foot and/ or vehicle is Perimeter. Lastly, personalized is customized to your needs.

Paranormal Services

We provide proof of hauntings or paranormal activity or an explanation of the cause if it is not paranormal. In some cases, we use the help of psychics and we can rid your home of the manifestations.

Asset Location/ Recovery

If someone stole it, we help you find it or get it back. You will need certain items to help the item be recoverable. Without certain items, it may take longer and cost more. We can locate airplanes and yachts or cars and trailers. This also includes repossession.

Notary Public Services

For the convenience of our clients, we assist in the paperwork of legal documents and affidavits by providing notary public services. We always say it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

This service is part of our de-escalation and conflict resolution training. All of our officers are trained in this skill and it can be offered to you in your home per session.

Courier Services

(Errand Running)

We offer this service to the elderly or disabled to help pick up prescriptions, groceries, or mail parcels. We are limited on the distance and items that we are able to pick up or transport due to the Covid-19 restrictions in our state.

Everything Else...

There are so many other services we offer, feel free to ask or clic​k here. We are greatly known for being fast, friendly, affordable, and efficient. 

The Baltimore Squad

Col. Quentin Johnson

Baltimore Team Leader/Regional Manager

Cadet Kevin Boyd

Cadet Kevin Brown

Cadet Antoinette Davis

Cadet James Dearbourne

Cadet Greg Fearington

Detective Basic Deon Fletcher


P.O. Box 47264

Windsor Mill, MD 21244

P: (443) 964-1076

F: (443) 964-1076

E: [email protected]

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