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Drake Star Detectives-Baltimore

Welcome to Our Team

George Drakkak


Colonel Quentin Johnson

Baltimore West Team Leader

(MD, DC, VA, PA)

Colonel David Reid

Baltimore East Team Leader

(MD, DE, PA, NJ)

Captain Emory Stephanopolis

Badge #4604

7 Years of Service

Currently 28 yrs Old

Loves to play Spades and XBox

Detective Master Chief

Gregory Marshall

Badge #1370

5 Years of Service

Currently 39 Yrs Old

Loves to play Raquetball and Hiking

Detective 3rd Grade

Enrique Maldova

Badge #0512

5  Years of Service

Currently 46 Yrs Old

Loves Sudoku and Checkers


Nicholas "Nick" Parker

Badge #2183

3 Years of Service

Currently 48 Yrs Old

Loves Word Finds and Mysteries


Kevin Boyd

Badge # TBA

4 Months of Service

Currently 25 yrs old

Loves PS4 and Basketball

Detective Basic

Barry Pettiford

Badge #3721

10 Months of Service

Currently 23 Yrs Old

I dont really have a hobby 

Detective First Class

Bryan Cruickshank

Badge #5515

1 Year of Service

Currently 36 Yrs Old

Loves to play golf

The Baltimore Squad

Col. Quentin Johnson

Baltimore Team Leader/Regional Manager

Cadet Kevin Boyd

Cadet Kevin Brown

Cadet Antoinette Davis

Cadet James Dearbourne

Cadet Greg Fearington

Detective Basic Deon Fletcher


P.O. Box 47264

Windsor Mill, MD 21244

P: (443) 964-1076

F: (443) 964-1076

E: [email protected]

Copyright ©. Drake Star Detectives, Inc. All Rights Reserved.